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Healoff Privacy Policy

The site's policy is based on respect for your privacy regarding any information we may collect while operating our website. Accordingly, we have developed this privacy policy for you so that you can understand how we collect, use, pass and disclose personal information. The following is a summary of the privacy policy

  • We will collect personal data through legitimate and sound means, knowing or agreeing with the person concerned when necessary.
  • Before or during the collection of personal data, we will determine the purposes for which the data is collected.
  • We will collect and use personal data only for those purposes we have identified and for other assistance purposes, whether with the consent of the person concerned or as required by law.
  • Personal data should be appropriate for the purposes for which it will be used, and to the extent necessary for these purposes, such data should be accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  • We will protect personal data using reasonable security guarantees to ensure loss or theft, to prevent unauthorized access to it, or to prevent detection, copying, use or modification. But this does not mean our absolute commitment to this protection.
  • We will provide customers with adequate information about policies and practices related to personal data management.
  • We will keep personal data for the duration necessary only for those purposes.
  • We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure the confidentiality, protection and preservation of personal data. Al Nahdi Medical may change this privacy policy from time to time at the company's discretion alone at any time without committing to notify you of this change.


Protecting personal information from the entry or use of third parties

To ensure that your personal information is protected, we store all personal information on a secure server and seek to use procedures designed to protect personal information from random, unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. Our team maintains your personal data confidentially and securely in accordance with the privacy policy contained in this document, as well as ensuring that the technical and regulatory procedures necessary to prevent unintentional or illegal damage, unintentional loss, disclosure, unauthorized entry or any other form of illegal use are applied. Although HEALOFF The Company seeks to take all commercially applicable security measures to deal with all personal data, HEALOFF Applications users acknowledge and agree that the company does not control the transfer of information or data through its websites, applications or through any other electronic or media media.


Amendments to privacy policy

As HEALOFF the Site makes modifications and updates to the systems and services permanently to improve the level of service we provide to our customers, HEALOFF the Site has the right to review, modify or change the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. The subsequent and/or permanent use of the HEALOFF Applications website on other means after the publication of the privacy policy amendments will be your consent to these amendments.


Limits of responsibility

Under no circumstances will HEALOFF, its affiliates, partners, employees, officials, directors or insurance companies dealing with you or any other person be liable for any costs or damages (including any special, unintentional, disciplinary, indirect or subsequent damages), or any liability of any kind, arising or resulting from the collection, use or transfer of personal information Or processed or stored as a result of your access to the HEALOFF The Web site or applications on other means


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